What is a syndic ?

What is a syndic ?

A syndic is an independent employee appointed within each professional order.

At the Ordre des psychologues, the syndic is a psychologist. The syndic receives reports from the public, conducts investigations in order to determine if allegations are founded, and decides if a complaint should be lodged with the Disciplinary Council. When there is cause to lodge a complaint, the syndic becomes the official plaintiff and assumes full responsibility as such.

The Office of the Syndic is responsible for informing members of the professional order and the public about ethical issues and the Code of Ethics. It also handles disagreements about the amount of a fee in relation to the professional’s mandate as it was agreed on and carried out: when this occurs, the syndic may carry out an account conciliation. The information you obtain by phone or email may be sufficient to answer your questions, and in some cases the problem can be solved without your having to make a complaint.

Powers of the syndic

Under the Québec Professional Code, the syndic has broad powers of investigation, including the power to require any information or document relating to an inquiry. In relation to a syndic’s inquiry, members of a professional order have clear obligations. They are required to provide their full cooperation and may neither obstruct the inquiry, nor urge a third party not to cooperate or forbid that person to disclose information about them. The syndic acts without regard to any outside influence.