What is psychotherapy?

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a psychological treatment.

Its goal is to create changes in a person’s attitudes, behaviour, ways of thinking or ways of responding, so that the person can feel better, find answers to his questions, solve problems, make choices, and reach a better understanding of who he is.

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In Québec, a permit is required to practice psychotherapy. This can be a psychologist’s, a physician’s, or a psychotherapist’s permit.

According to the law

Psychotherapy is defined as follows:

  • Psychotherapy is psychological treatment for a mental disorder, behavioural disturbance or other problem resulting in psychological suffering or distress, and has as its purpose to foster significant changes in the client’s cognitive, emotional or behavioural functioning, his interpersonal relations, his personality or his health. Such treatment goes beyond help aimed at dealing with everyday difficulties and beyond a support or counselling role.

The following interventions are not psychotherapy, but are related to it: accompaniment, support intervention, conjugal and family intervention, psychological education, rehabilitation, clinical follow-up, coaching, and crisis intervention.