Who practices psychotherapy ?

Who practices psychotherapy ?

Psychologists, physicians, and holders of a psychotherapist’s permit are authorized to practice psychotherapy.

Psychologists and physicians do not need an additional permit, because their respective training already qualifies them to provide psychotherapy.

In short, a psychotherapist is either:

  • a psychologist,
  • a physician (such as a psychiatrist),
  • a professional who has obtained a psychotherapist’s permit:
    • a vocational guidance counsellor, criminologist, occupational therapist, nurse, psychoeducator, marriage or family therapist, social worker, or sexologist, or
    • a person who was already practising psychotherapy before 2012, at which time the law changed, and who was granted a psychotherapist’s permit under grandfather clauses ensuring the recognition of acquired rights.

When seeking help from a professional, do not hesitate to ask questions about that person’s training and experience.

To find out if a professional is authorized to exercise psychotherapy, check the professional directory (in French).