What is psychologist ?

What is psychologist ?

Psychologists are experts on behaviour, emotions, and mental health. They help people who are experiencing psychological distress or difficulties.

Every psychologist has studied psychology at a university for seven to nine years. His training enables him to understand human behaviour and find the best way of helping clients resolve psychological issues.

The psychologist’s job is to:

  • assess the person’s psychological functioning and mental health
  • identify treatments or interventions that might help
  • carry out the treatments or interventions that he is qualified to provide, such as psychotherapy
  • if he believes the person needs medication, recommend that they see a physician for this purpose

To use the title of psychologist and engage in professional activities as a psychologist in Québec, a person must:

  • Have a Ph.D. in psychology (this requirement has been in force since 2006; psychologists who obtained a master’s in psychology before 2006 do not have to meet it).
  • Be entered on the roll of members of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec.
  • Comply with all existing laws and regulations, including the Code of Ethics of Psychologists.

Under the law, a psychologist’s field of practice is defined as follows:

"[To] assess psychological and mental functioning, and determine, recommend and carry out interventions or treatments with a view to fostering the psychological health and restoring the mental health of a person in interaction with his environment.
The practice of the profession also includes disseminating information, promoting health and preventing suicide, illness, accidents and social problems among individuals and within families and communities."

- Québec Professionnal Code, sections 37 and 39.4