Reporting unlawful practice

Reporting unlawful practice

There are three ways of reporting unlawful practice:

You have the option of remaining anonymous.

What you should know about an unlawful practice report

An investigation carried out because of unlawful practice report is not intended to assess the quality of the person’s practice. The goal is to determine if the person is engaging in a reserved activity without being authorized to do so.

If you have questions about the practice of someone who belongs to a professional order, you must contact the Office of the Syndic of that professional order.

What to include in your unlawful practice report?

  • Name of the person or organization
  • Reserved activity that you believe is being unlawfully practiced (e.g. psychotherapy), or title that you believe is being used without authorization (e.g. psychologist)
  • Telephone number of the person or organization
  • Mailing address of the person’s office
  • Email and website
  • Evidence of unlawful practice (such as a business card, photograph of advertising, screenshot of Facebook advertising, leaflet, etc.).

To report an unlawful practice :

Visit the Ordre's Portail sécurisé (French only).