What do psychologists do ?

What do psychologists do ?

Psychologists carry out many different interventions. The most frequently requested are:

Psychological diagnosis

By conversing with you and carrying out any relevant tests, the psychologist evaluates your resources, strengths, limits, and challenges – all of which can have an impact on your thoughts, your mood, and your behaviour. A psychological diagnosis aims to identify your issues and establish a plan for intervention or treatment.

Only psychologists are authorized to carry out a psychological diagnosis.

Neuropsychological assessment

Neuropsychologists use tests and questionnaires to assess a variety of cognitive functions, including attention, memory, as well as reasoning and organizational abilities. Tools are chosen on the basis of your issues and your personal characteristics. The neuropsychologist interprets findings to establish a neuropsychological diagnosis. The diagnosis indicates whether or not you have a cognitive disorder, and if you do, it explains it’s nature and how severe it is. The neuropsychologist may offer personalized recommendations and give his opinion, as necessary, on the relation between your cognitive issues and a specific brain dysfunction.


During psychotherapy sessions, you and the psychologist explore the thoughts, emotions, behaviour, or habits that led you to seek help. Psychotherapy is an effective treatment that may take different forms depending on the psychologist’s approach and techniques.

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