What is the Disciplinary Council?

What is the Disciplinary Council?

The Disciplinary Council is a quasi-judicial body that is independent of the Ordre. It consists of a lawyer appointed by the government and two psychologists appointed by the Board of Directors of the Ordre. The Disciplinary Council receives complaints put forward by a syndic or a private plaintiff, hears the evidence, and determines if laws and regulations regarding the profession have been breached. If this is the case, the Council may impose one or more penalties among those established in the Professional Code:

  • The psychologist may be reprimanded.
  • He may be struck off the roll, either permanently or temporarily.
  • He may be fined $1,000 to $12,500 for each offence.
  • He may be required to remit, to any person entitled to it, any sum of money he is or should be holding for that person.
  • He may be required to transmit a document or the information contained in that document, and to complete, delete, update or rectify any document or information.
  • His permit may be revoked.
  • His right to engage in professional activities may be restricted or suspended.

Hearings of the Disciplinary Council are public, unless the Council orders that a hearing be held in camera. The calendar of disciplinary hearings (in French) indicates the identity of the psychologist or psychotherapist, the nature of the complaint, and the time and place of the hearings.

If the parties involved in the complaint are not satisfied with the Disciplinary Council’s decision, they may appeal to the Professions Tribunal once the finding of not guilty has been made or the penalty has been imposed. However, if the complaint was lodged by the Office of the Syndic, only the syndic and the psychologist or psychotherapist involved may appeal the decision.

To find out if a psychologist, or psychotherapist who is not a member of a professional order, has a disciplinary record, contact the secretary of the Disciplinary Council.

To see decisions handed down by the Disciplinary Council since June 2001, go to the SOQUIJ website.