What are psychologists' areas of practice ?

What are psychologists' areas of practice ?

Psychologists offer their services in a variety of areas of practice.

Clinical psychology

Clinical psychologists work directly with individuals or groups. Their main intervention is psychotherapy.

School psychology

A school psychologist works with students, parents, or teachers to help students who experience personal issus or difficulties to function as part of a group.


A neuropsychologist assesses cognitive functions in relation to ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. He interprets his findings and carries out a clinical analysis that takes into consideration all of the data about your cognitive functions, your behaviour, your personal history, and your state of health. He may suggest recommendations or carry out interventions to help you achieve optimal functioning. The neuropsychologist’s title and practice are reserved to psychologists who have a certificate showing that they have received training in assessing neuropsychological disorders.

Work and organizational psychology

Work and organizational psychologists are interested in organizational change, employee selection, training and assessment, and employee assistance programs.

Teaching and research

A psychologist working in a university psychology department can teach and carry out research.

Health psychology

Health psychologists are interested in behaviour and lifestyles as they influence people’s physical and psychological health.

Psycholegal practice

Expert witness psychologists will testify in court and give their professional opinion in relation to specific cases.

Social and community psychology

Psychologists working in community and social organizations are interested in individuals in their environment and the individual’s relation to the community.

Family mediation

As family mediators, psychologists work with couples who are going through divorce. They must be accredited to provide this service, and the Ministry of Justice pays part of the fees when children are involved.